Female Footy

Attention Girls who love footy

Are you a girl that would love to have a go at footy in an all-girl competition? Well the Two Wells Football Netball Sporting Club is pleased to offer you the opportunity to be part of history and the future in our inaugural female football teams.


The Teams

The Adelaide Plains and North Eastern Football Leagues have come together to offer an exciting new all girls football competition known as the Northern Plains Female Football Competition.  The competition will involve teams from Two Wells, Balaklava, Mallala (APFL) and Blyth/Snowtown, Min-Man, North Clare (NEFL)

The Competition 

  • Under 13 (born in 2006, 2007, 2008) & Under 16 (born in 2003, 2004, 2005) divisions
  • 9 a side on the field teams
  • Matches played on modified ovals with modified rules
  • Played on Sunday mornings with the U13 games at 10am & the U16 games at 11am
  • 6-week season commencing on 28th April & concluding on the 2nd June
  • All games at one Venue each week that will rotate between the clubs involved

This competition is especially aimed at girls new to football and seeks to development skills, game sense and love of the game. The modified ovals and rules are aimed to reduce injury and encourage girls to play as a team.  Girls currently part of the APFL U14 and U11 Saturday competitions are also welcome.


If you are keen to sign up or are seeking more information, please contact

Alison Goss  0438 785 416  twowellsfc@sanflcfl.com.au

Please register your interest with Alison to help us with planning, thanks.

U16 Coach

We are also seeking a coach for the u16 side that is keen to work with and develop this team.


Trainings are Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm meet at coach’s boxes.


Subs $30 per player. Free entry to ground on match day.

You can play both Netball and Football

Please note that the female football competition is not in any way aimed to make girls choose between football & netball.  Any players who play netball will be encouraged to continue to do so.  The competition match day has been deliberately chosen so that girls can play both sports.


2019 DRAW

  28th April 5th May 12th May 19th May 26th May 2nd June/Finals
Oval Snowtown Mallala Two Wells Mintaro Clare Balaklava
1 Blyth/Snowtown v Balaklava Mallala v Min Man Two Wells v Min Man Min Man v Balaklava North Clare v Two Wells 1 v 2
2 Mallala v Two Wells Two Wells v Balaklava Blyth/Snowtown v Mallala North Clare v Mallala Balaklava v Mallala 3 v 4
3 Min Man v North Clare Blyth/Snowtown v North Clare Balaklava v North Clare Two Wells v Blyth/Snowtown Min Man v Blyth/Snowtown 5 v 6


10am – U13 matches

11am – U16 matches



  • 3 teams from both the APFL & NEFL.
  • 2 Divisions – U13 (girls turning 11, 12 or 13 this year) & U16 (girls turning 14, 15 or 16 this year).
  • Players that are currently playing in the APFL or NEFL U14 grade are eligible to play in their respective age group.
  • 9 a side on the field – unlimited bench. Teams are encouraged to even up numbers.  Need a minimum of 6 players to constitute a game & if more players teams can play up to 12 players on the field.
  • Oval size is a half normal size & is zoned into thirds with cones. Ovals are to be set up around cricket pitches.
  • 6-week season. Over the first 5 rounds teams will play each other once & the final round is a finals day with 5 v 6, 3 v 4 & 1 v 2.
  • Played on Sunday mornings. U13 matches at 10am followed by the U16 matches at 11am.
  • No admittance fee to games.
  • The season will commence on Sunday 28th April & conclude on Sunday 2nd
  • The season leads into the Snowtown Female Carnival & the players at this carnival for both the APFL & NEFL must have played in this competition.
  • Central Venue for all matches each week. Each club will host 1 round.  As the host club they will be responsible to supply a timekeeper (one timekeeper for all matches) & a minimum of 2 accredited Sports Trainers.  The trainer’s role at the matches is to attend to any on field issues & not for pre-match strapping or massages, etc.
  • Insurance will be through JLT as per current junior teams (around $80 per team).
  • Most clubs will have enough equipment (goal posts, cones, etc) but Todd Thorne to supply where required.
  • Umpires to be sourced from leagues coaching panels. APFL umpires to umpire at APFL venues & vice versa for NEFL venues.  (This is TBC).
  • Uniforms just need to be the same colour shirt or old club guernseys.
  • The season & results will be set up on Sports TG under the name Northern Plains Female Football Competition. Kym Taylor will receive & input the results into SportsTG on match days.
  • All coaches need to be accredited on Coach.AFL.
  • All relevant Child Safe screening checks need to be conducted.
  • Player subs to be the same at each club at $30.


Playing Ground:

The playing ground will be approximately one third a standard senior size set up across the main oval (three games played concurrently on an oval)

The Ball:

Size 3 Leather football for both U13 & U16 divisions

The Team:

  1. a) The team shall consist of up to a maximum of 9 players who can take the ground at any one time. Any number of reserves are allowed.
  2. b) Interchange of players may take place at any time.
  3. c) The team shall consist of three forwards, three centre line players and three backs.
  4. d) At each Break, players must change positions and teams swap directions they are kicking to. It is expected that each player in the team will get at least half, but ideally 3 quarters of the game time.
  5. e) Players may be replaced due to injury at any time.
  6. f) Where difficulty occurs fielding full numbers both coaches must agree to assist to equate player numbers.
  7. g) Players can go anywhere on the field but at centre ball ups must return to their nominated zone.

Playing Time:

Four 12-minute quarters, with a 2-minute quarter & three-quarter time & a 4- minute half time. 4 minutes between games. Central timekeeper to manage all matches & be supplied by host club.

Start of Play:

  1. a) The game shall be started by a ball-up between two players in the centre of the ground. Players contesting the ball-up at any time should be of approximately equal size. It is expected that the rucks will be rotated between the centre line players in any quarter.
  2. b) A player may not grab the ball at ball-ups and play on. She must knock, palm or punch the ball and cannot play the ball again until it has been touched by another player.
  3. c) No more than three players from each team shall be closer to the ball-up than approximately 20 metres, ie players to stay in zone.
  4. d) After a goal, the ball is taken to the centre and restarted as in Rule a.
  5. e) If a point is scored, the opposition full back shall kick in from the goal square or 5 metres out from goal.

Out of Bounds:

  1. a) When the ball goes out of bounds by either foot or hand, the nearest opponent shall kick the ball in. She may not kick for goal from an outer bounds kick in.
  2. b) If there is doubt as to which team forced the ball out of bounds, the umpire shall throw the ball up.


  1. a) A player may tackle an opponent between the knee and shoulder region as in standard football rules. A tackle can be made from either side of the player or from behind, but no player shall be deliberately dumped or thrown to the ground or a free kick will be awarded against the tackler. The aim of the tackler is to wrap both arms around the player with the ball & stand them up & NOT take them to the ground.
  2. b) Knock the ball out of an opponent’s hands.
  3. c) Bump the player in the side only.
  4. d) Steal the ball from another player.

Please note;

  1. a) Slinging to the ground is not permitted.
  2. b) A player is permitted to shepherd if the player is within 5 metres of the ball.


A mark will be played to player who directly catches another player’s kick that has travelled at least 10 metres.

Bouncing the Ball:

A player in possession may bounce the ball only once.

Kicking off the Ground:

A player is not permitted to deliberately kick the ball off the ground.

Kicking for Goal:

  1. a) Only the nominated forward line players may score for their team. These players will be identified by wrist bands.
  2. b) No score will be allowed when kicked from an out of bounds free kick.
  3. c) To score the nominated forward players must be in the 30-metre forward zone (this zone will be identified with cones).

Order off Rule:

To be applied. The period of penalty may be left to the umpire’s discretion.


Coaches are permitted onto the ground for the purpose of educating players but must not get involved in direct play.

Goal Posts:

Goal distances to be equal at both ends preferably 5 metres.

End of Match:

Teams are encouraged to shake hands. Scores: Scores are kept.